Social Media Analytics | Final Project

Before diving into this project, I would say that I had a decent bit of knowledge about social media analytics, but viewing the various data collected has taught me so much more about how this tool is effecting the PR and marketing worlds for the better.

Thanks to tools such as Google+ and Brandwatch, PR professionals are now able to determine who their target audience is, not just who Continue reading


Tweeting For My Life (Or Grade, Rather)!

Our time has come to an end friends, but I would like to share my experience using Twitter over the past few weeks. I had never tweeted a much as when tweeting for this class. You see, tweeting was a requirement for my four-week Web for Mass Communication class; one that I failed to meet the first week of class. Seriously. I failed to meet the 15 tweet minimum. Twitter has never Continue reading

What, How & Why | Cognitive Surplus

…And another book we explore. Over the past couple of days I’ve been reading “Cognitive Surplus: How Technology Makes Consumers into Collaborators” by Clay Shirky and it’s actually been an interesting read. Shirky gives extensive–yet intriguing– insight on how we collaborate with each other via technology, why and what we do as a response to this collaboration.

Ch. 1: Gin, Television and Cognitive Surplus
So what exactly is cognitive surplus, you ask? Continue reading

The Consumer Decides Everything | Groundswell

The Web for Mass Comm. course at Georgia College has moved on and is now exploring “Groundswell” by Josh Bernoff. So far “Groundswell” has held my attention fairly well and introduces an interesting concept that I have never heard of before. In these first few chapter I’ve learned that consumers are the head decision makers, whether marketers accept this or not.

Ch. 1: What is the groundswell and why does it matter?
Well let’s start with a solid definition. Continue reading